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I have worked with various companies on various projects, including B2B and B2C products, design systems, and websites. Here is a small collection of case studies from recent work. Other projects are available upon request.



ApplyOnline Upgrade

The applyOnline platform, created in 2004, has seen several enhancements.
The ApplyOnline upgrade actively aimed to improve the user experience and visual appeal, offering NextGen customers and users the latest features and added benefits.


Broker Docs

We designed the interface 'Broker Docs' for brokers to attach documents to an application and link those documents with a condition from the Lenders Checklist.


It provides a secure web interface accessible via a browser for Mortgage Originators/Brokers to upload supporting documents and transfer them directly to the appropriate area of the Bank for processing.



Design System

At NextGen, I led the creation of the Design System to enhance the product design process, embody our design principles, and deliver a usable, accessible product that reflects our commitment to serving the public.


Design Systems empower designers and developers by offering guidelines and frameworks for making products more accessible.

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